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What are the matters to check in detail when choosing a water ionizer?
Error is indicated on the product’s LCD screen. What should I do?
What are the utility costs (electricity and water) like compared to regular water purifier?
The power gets turned off all of the sudden when using water ionizer for a while. Is this a problem?
What is the filter replacement cycle like?
Some times white precipitation is generated when Alkaline ionized water is placed in a container. Is it ok to drink it too?
What is the bubble that is produced when generating Alkaline ionized water?
It is recommended that Alkaline ionized water should be drunk immediately, but can it be drunk after it was stored in the refrigerator?
Is Alkaline ionized water effective when it is used to cook rice, soup and tea water?
Is it possible to consume Ionized water after boiling it?
Why is the Alkaline ionized water absorbed fast?
Are the Alkaline water and alkaline ionized water different types of water?
What is the difference between Water purifier and Alkaline water ionizer?
In general, it is known that drinking lots of water is good for the body. But is there a specific reason that the recommended dietary allowance per day for Alkaline ionized water is set for 500L ~ 1000L?
Isn’t drinking too much Alkaline ionized water bad since the body can be subjected to strong alkalinization?
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