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ITEM NAME : Personal Electric Potential Generator
FORMAT AND GRADE : 2 Grade Equipment,
BF Type Attachment Part
RATED POWER : AC110~220V/60Hz
PURPOSE OF USE : Device that is used for the Improvement of the Blood Circulation by Exerting AC Field or DC Field to the Human Body
PRODUCT SIZE : 350 X 244 X 465 (W X L X H)mm

There are 12 types of whole body conduction combination using different output waveform and voltage, and also 3 types of automatic conduction are available.

Sleeping conduction can save time by 8 hours of conduction using your sleeping time.

Able to install any place with space-saving design

Convenient operation by using remote controller or main device button

Sufficient treatment effect can be achieved with only 20 minutes of use by high immediate output from independent innovative powerful output device.

Able to monitor real time treatment status using LCD display screen at a glance.

개인용 전계의료기의 유래

Personal electric potential therapy equipment applies specific electric potential to human body against the zero potential of earth surface using electric potential energy. In 18th century, Benjamin Franklin found that there is large electric activity between earth surface and cosmic space, and he first released the invention of electrostatic application to medical treatment.
Later, James Wirmshurst improved this invention and actually used widely as medical treatment equipment which is named as Franklinsation following the inventor's name, with many proofs of its effect.

Its treatment procedure is to place patient on the insulated state, charge part of bioelectricity that is generated by induced electricity to patient's body, and connect its bottom to the ground.

ALLSBON's history, expertise, safety, recognition will be the reference in selecting personal electric potential therapy equipment.
자연계란 무엇인가?

Electric field in the nature has very large scale.
There is saying that "a lot of thunder brings fruitful year", and there sometimes has 100 million volt of electric potential difference between thundercloud and earth surface.
As shown in the following picture, the whole earth is surrounded by electric field.
There is gas ion layer, called ionosphere, above 100km space of the earth, and this forms vast electric field. This is the natural electric field. But nowadays, we do not benefit from this natural electric field due to concrete building environment. Therefore, this electric field treatment equipment is recognized as artificial electric field compensation for this natural electric field.

자연계란 무엇인가?

Action potential is generated at nerve fiber by energizing skin's sensory receptor organs due to the electric field formed by high voltage from electric potential therapy equipment to insulated human body.

In Korea, following effects/influences are recognized:
Total therapy treatment equipment by applying AC voltage to human body
Equipment used to improve blood circulation by applying AC or DC electric field to human body

자연계란 무엇인가?

WHO released following 2 effects for living body reaction by 60Hz electric field generated by electric potential therapy equipment such as ALLSBON's:
1) Stimulus to body surface sensory receptor organ by electric field applied to body surface

2) Cell level action by induction current to body due to electric field applied to body surface.
ALLSBON's electric potential therapy causes electric field medical equipment generated electric field to stimulate skin sensory receptor, and finally influences to body function regulation of automatic nerve system such as hypothalamic-pituitary.
체표면의 감각

Body surface (skin) has a lot of sensory receptors that collect external physical information such as touch, pressure, vibration, temperature, pain, and deliver them to brain.
For example, when generating high voltage electric field to cat's rear leg, then it causes to move cat's hair, and is stimulated by the sensory receptor organ, and delivered to the brain, and finally sense the electric field applied to rear leg.

부작용은 없나요?

Although it applies high voltage to human body, it almost does not carry any electric current that damages the body. Anyone regardless of age and sex can use this equipment safely because it improves blood circulation of the whole body.
[Extracted from: Electromagnetic Interference Certificate from Korea Electric Testing Institute]

1. Deliver oxygen to whole body
2. Deliver nutritive elements or other material to internal organs
3. Deliver unnecessary material to kidney and liver for excretion
4. Defensive action for pathogens
5. Regulate body temperature

It circulates inside the body without any rest to nurture and protect life.