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PRODUCT : Alkaline Water Ionizer
pH LEVEL : 10.5~8.5
SIZE : 290 x 140 x 385(W X L X H)mm
WEIGHT : 5 kg
POWER : AC85~280V/50~60Hz


You can drink the water that you want with just one touch operation.
Platinum-titanium material electrode performs important role that separates purified water into alkaline and acidic water. There is difference on alkaline water quality by the platinum-titanium plating amount and the number of electrode sheets. It is equipped with 7 sheets of platinum-titanium plated electrode for high quality alkaline ionic water generation. Additional advantage of platinum-titanium plated material is that it has high electric conductivity and it is harmless material for human body. It also has low electricity consumption, excellent electrolytic performance, and can implement more accurate pH, ORP along with more electrode plates, and you can drink high quality alkaline ionic water.

ALLSBON’s technology ensures safe operation without program error when it changes the number of platinum-titanium electrode between 3~9 sheets.

Classic power supply transformers that are used for general alkaline water ionizer are designed to withstand only with 100-150W/24-30V/5A power supply, and this causes a lot of PCB program error or component malfunction due to overheat in the area where overcurrent can be generated during electrolytic operation.

We eliminate classic transformer type which affects home appliances because of unstable primary power source, and implement SMPS type power supply that can withstand outside 200-350W/24-35V/10-20A range. It overheating rate of the device even with more than 2 times of overcurrent environment than existing devices, and it greatly enhances economic and safety of the device by reducing program error rate.

* Caution) It is especially recommended to use SMPS type because overcurrent increases inside electrolytic vessel at high longitude areas (America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) that causes program error.

14-Stage Filtering System Composite Filter

Cleaning is one of the most important issues with water ionizer. The purpose of ionic water cleaning is to remove scale (Ca, Mg) attached to electrode plate. Alkaline ionic water cannot be generated properly due to decline of electrolytic performance when there is a lot of scale. ALLSBON’s alkaline ionizer is equipped with pre-cleaning function as its basic feature, and it also performs cleaning for 15 seconds using more than 50 times of automatic polarity change/second after water discharge as shown in following Figure.

You can choose one cleaning type from following 3 cleaning types.
1. Pre-Cleaning, 2. Post Cleaning 3. Pre-Cleaning + Post-Cleaning

Stainless steel material flexible hose at water outlet area can be frequently clogged because of mineral component scale such as calcium, etc. We developed and adopted harmless PBT material (environmental regulation standard approved material) hose to solve the clogging by scale problem.
Self diagnostic system using semiconductor circuit informs the cause of error at LCD display window for easy diagnostic and convenient corrective action when normal device operation is unable due to internal/external environment change. Also, it is included with self-protection system that shuts off the current by self diagnostic when malfunction by overcurrent occurs
(ex: function to detect insufficient water flow / water leakage).
Alkaline water pH may be different by the water quality of installed location and generated water volume.
We have established system to generate optimized ionic water at any condition by segmenting the electric current applied to the electrode into 38 fine steps.
The system checks the tap water pressure and input volume to the device in real time, and displays the pH and ORP change at LCD display window so that you can drink optimal ionic water. In addition, it also has feature to change fixed pH and ORP value of 4-level alkaline water & 2-level acidic water.
It informs filter change time by text and voice which eliminates specific management.
- Filter lifespan can be different according to the water quality of each country.
- It can generate clean and clear optimal ionic water by adding system function to change filter lifespan according to the tap water quality status.

One of the factors that decide electrolytic vessel's life span and performance is scale generation. ALLSBON added new concept of “Cleaning by Automatic Water Flow Switching” feature in addition to basic automatic cleaning (see above) to keep product life and performance just like new one. Other general alkaline ionizers are fixed wired to + and - polarity electrodes, and it causes more scale. “Cleaning by Automatic Water Flow Switching” feature is a new concept cleaning technology that is designed to switch + and - electrode polarity after every 20 liter of alkaline ionic water discharge at water outlet to prevent scale on electrodes. You can enhance the quality of alkaline ionic water and improve the durability of water ionizer one level higher by using this “Cleaning by Automatic Water Flow Switching” feature.

When water is being discharged, alkali ion water leverages the electrolytic cell, ionized water is discharged which ensures that you can drink the ion water that is safe from all types of bacteria, but more upgraded UV sterilization system is adopted, paying attention to the safety

Principle of generating alkaline ionic water
Water (H₂O) is composed of tetrahedral structured H+ and OH- ion hydrogen bond, and drinking water usually contains Ca²+, Mg²+, Na+, K+, Cl-, S²-, P³- ions, too. Electrolysis the purified water generates alkaline ionic water that contains abundant OH- ion and mineral ions such as Ca²+, Mg²+, Na+ from cathode electrode by hydrogenation (H₂) reaction. Also, acidic ionic water that contains abundant H+ ion and mineral ions such as Cl-, S²-, P³- from anode electrode by oxygen (O₂) generation reaction.

Anode: 2H₂O -> O₂ + 4H+ + 4e- + 1.229V (Eo)
Cathode: 2H₂O + 2e- -> H₂ + 2OH- +0.828V (Eo)

pH is the index of water acidity, has range between 1~14. It indicates alkaline when the number is above 7, acid when it is under 7 with 7 as its middle point.
pH = log[H+]

It increases 30% of mineral content more than normal tap water, activates mineral, helps water absorption because of smaller water particle size, and performs important role in improving gastrointestinal symptoms (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation in stomach, hyperacidity).

Product Specification
Product Size 290Ⅹ140Ⅹ420(WⅩLⅩH)mm
Water supply type Direct supply type
Weight 5 Kg
Suitable water
3.0~3.5Kgf/Cm², 4~30℃
Rated power AC85~280V/50~60Hz
pH Level Alkaline : pH8.5~10.0, Acidic: pH6.5~5.0
Power consumption 200W

Indication type

LCD display

Button type

Tact switch (Name plate part)
(SMPS type)
Purified water Step 1
Alkaline water Step 4(pH 10.0, 9.5 ,9.0, 8.5)
Acidic water Step 2(pH6.5, 5.0 )
Generation capacity 2 Liter/Min
Water supply type Automatic solenoid-type control
Operation type Flow meter pulse signal operation type
(more than 16 pulses)
prevention function PCB error happened by Overcurrent DCV 30V/300W, maintain until 10A
Filter 1st filter SEDI + Pre-carbon Effective amount of water purification 6 months(3,600ℓ)

2nd filter

SEDI + Pre-carbon + Post-carbon + vitamin or possible ultra fiber 12 months(7,200ℓ)
When 10ℓ of water is provided a day
Filter exchange time & Filter reset function Exchange the filter when filter exchange icon is turned on 9999(LCD) Cartridge method(built-in filter)
Press 5 seconds the changed filter button when it is in ready state to reset
Amount of Filter use As a flow sensor accumulation type, amount of use is displayed on the LCD screen.
Electrolyzer Electrolysis method Continuous Electrolysis method
Type Plate
Number of electrode plates 7 plates (Platinized titanium), 9 plates(possible to add electrode plates for alkaline water)
Electrodes cleaning Auto washing after water outgoing (Time: about 10sec)

Water outgoing type

Dedicated water outlet
How to use
Operation Method Description
* Press the main power button to begin water extraction.

* When you select the desired water type - alkaline, purified, or acidic - the display will change as shown below.

There are 4 levels to be selected from for alkaline water. When the needed level is selected, the LCD panel will display the level's number.
(Please check the pH and ORP that are displayed on the LCD panel)

* Purified water is displayed as Level 0.
pH and ORP are not displayed on the LCD panel.
* There are 2 levels to be selected from for acidic water. When the needed level is selected, the LCD panel will display the level's number.
(Please check the pH and ORP that are displayed on the LCD panel.)
Check whether error is detected (lack of flux, leakage, over flux)
Model name Error code Conditions for detection Remakes
ERR1 (lack of flux) Detection/ Turned off standby state when below 16pulse (=water supply flux 1800ml) on the flowmeter within 15 seconds after water discharge standard setting value modification is possible (refer to the explanation of function mode)
ERR2 (leakage) Detection / beep sound is generated when below 2pulse(=water supply flux 100ml) on the flowmeter after discharge water stoppage standard setting value modification is impossible (Replacement to new Solenoid valve and re-assembly after alien substance removal after decomposition)
Product function and setting
Mode FN 1
Description Change the voice volume and beep sound
Status of the device
before starting
the process
It is only possible when the machine is extracting water.
If the machine stand by, start from extracting water.
First step Press 'Menu' button once to display FN1 on filter life LCD window.
*If error code come out, cannot control this function*
(Please solve error code and try again.)
Set 3
How to change Filter 2 button for going up. Filter 1 for going down. (Min.0 ~ Max.8)
Save Press on/off or power botton to save.
Mode FN 2
Description When the pH level of produced water from installation condition(tap water amount and ingredient) is too low or too high, reset the setting. This function is for improving the machine and lifetime.
Status of the device
before starting
the process
It is only possible when the machine is extracting water. If the machine stand by, start from extracting water.
First step

Press 'Menu' button twice to display FN2 on filter life LCD window.
*If error code come out, cannot control this function*
(Please solve error code and try again.)

Set Control the pH level refer to setting list on shipping. * Shipping set for 7 plates
Select level Press 'Alkaline' button to select Alkaline water level. Press 'Acid' button to select acid water level.

The lamp blinks come under level.
How to change Filter 2 button for pH level going up.
Filter 1 button for pH level going down. (Min.-19~Max.19)
* To the original state by pressing 'Purify' button.
Save Press on/off or power botton to save.

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