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Magic O
Product : Oxygen water
(Hot & Cold Function / Direct water cooling type)
Model : Magic O
Size : 360 X 435 X 490(W X L X H)mm
Weight : 20 kg
Raw Water Pressure / Temperature :
3.0~3.5Kgf/Cm² / 4~93℃
POWER : AC85~280V/50~60Hz

Unlike other water purifiers, Magic makes cold water with a stainless water pipe (not a water tank) that constantly rotates to make cold water (4℃~8 ℃)
Now, you can enjoy fresh, cold water!
  More oxygen in your body as you drink the water from Magic (80~120 PPM)
HOT WATER (85 ℃~93 ℃)
SMPS (Switched Mode Power Suppy)
Classic power supply transformers that are used for general alkaline water ionizer are designed to withstand only with 100-150W/24-30V/5A power supply, and this causes a lot of PCB program error or component malfunction due to overheat in the area where overcurrent can be generated during electrolytic operation.
We eliminate classic transformer type which affects home appliances because of unstable primary power source, and implement SMPS type power supply that can withstand outside 200-350W/24-35V/10-20A range. It overheating rate of the device even with more than 2 times of overcurrent environment than existing devices, and it greatly enhances economic and safety of the device by reducing program error rate.

* Caution) It is especially recommended to use SMPS type because overcurrent increases inside electrolytic vessel at high longitude areas (America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) that causes program error.
  Cleaning is one of the most important issues with water ionizer. The purpose of ionic water cleaning is to remove scale (Ca, Mg) attached to electrode plate. Alkaline ionic water cannot be generated properly due to decline of electrolytic performance when there is a lot of scale. ALLSBON's alkaline ionizer is equipped with pre-cleaning function as its basic feature, and it also performs cleaning for 15 seconds using more than 50 times of automatic polarity change/second after water discharge as shown in following Figure.
  Advanced technology of "immediate cooling system" takes your worries away upon sterilizing water storage tanks.
Name plate
Oxygen or clean water generation after cooling
- Oxygen and clean water can be discharged as cold water by making selection on the maneuvering part.
When selecting oxygen water, generate oxygen water of the electrolysis method instead of the dependent membrane method /generation of high concentration cold oxygen water of the 140PPM
- Oxygen and clean water can be discharged as cold water by making selection on the maneuvering part.
Automatic cleansing function
Cleansing entails cleansing within the electrolytic cell. This is to remove Anode's scale (Co, Mg). When significant scale results, Electrolysis reductive water is not discharged normally due to the decrease in the Electrolysis ability. This is new concept cleansing method. Automatic conversion to the polar take place at least 50 times per one second after the water is discharged and after activation is stopped. Cleaning takes place, and cleansed water is discharged automatically through the hole for water discharge.
Instant cooling method that deviates from the storage type of cooling method does not need sterilized cleansing.
- This is an instant cooling method that is not the method that cools water that is stagnant in the container for clean water through the filter. Thus, there is no need to sterilize and to cleanse the container for clean water.
Brain needs the oxygen the most.
When the brain's activity level increases, brain cannot function normally due to the lack of oxygen. Amount of oxygen required according to the brain's scope of activity increases 2~50X. Headache occurs to warn you that you lack oxygen.
The society today requires extensive brain activities.
Our brain is being abused in order for the students who are preparing for university admission, people preparing for national exams, manages, all types of specialized dealers and fund managers to increase their competence in the society of unlimited competition. People today need sufficient amount of oxygen in their brain, which in turn facilitate the brain's activity, increasing concentration level and judgment capability. Headache gets alleviated due to the lack of oxygen.
Oxygen and skin
Generation of oxygen free radical is curtailed by supplying sufficient amount of oxygen, and skin cells will be vitalized, preventing the aging of the skin.
Healthy, young and elastic skin is maintained, and skin inflammation is prevented.
Oxygen and cancer
Normal cell can change to cancer cell due to the lack of oxygen.
When the oxygen in the body is lacking, normal cells that breathe with oxygen change into the cells that lack oxygen, which causes cancer cell.
"Lack of oxygen is the main cause of cancer."
Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel laureate, physiology and medicine, Germany)
Oxygen and alcohol are closely related.
Acetaldehyde is generated when alcohol gets decomposed, and oxygen is needed to decompose acetaldehyde. When oxygen is lacking, acetaldehyde does not get decomposed, which causes headache and vomiting. (Root cause of hangover)
Increase in the oxygen curtails increase in the amount of alcohol in the blood due to drinking. Increase in the amount of oxygen helps the brain to recover, from alcohol consumption
Smokers are bound to suffer from chronic shortage of oxygen.
Carbon monoxide found in the cigarettes prevents absorption of the oxygen into the body while the nicotine contracts the blood vessel to prevent the flow of the blood. As such, smokers always lack oxygen.
Smokers need supply of oxygen separately from the oxygen that is inhaled.
But what is most important is to quit smoking.
We often feel dizzy and numb at the places where there are many exhaust gases.
These conditions are like epilepsy and instant addiction caused by carbon monoxide. However, these are different from the epilepsy and addiction since people can recover by breathing in oxygen.
Inhaling pure oxygen can serve to treat the people who inhaled exhaust gas.

Carbon monoxide found in the exhaust gas reacts in a way that the oxygen in the blood is lacking. Concentration level of the blood in the blood is increased by inhaling sufficient amount of oxygen.

Reference materials concerning oxygen water
CNN consumer REPORT
"Research demonstrated that the consumption of high concentration oxygen water can reduce the time required for jogging 5,000m by 31 seconds. Soon enough, consumers will be able to purchase high concentration oxygen water."
"Oxygen is found all around us, but there is not even one drop of oxygen that we can drink. However, this will change soon because businesses are combining sports drinks with very attractive oxygen that is free of calorie. Researches conducted from diverse aspects demonstrate that the high concentration oxygen water increases the effect of exercising and the endurance level as well as increase the power of the muscles. Even when we are exercising, and our energy consumption reaches the highest point, it contributes to decreasing the pulse and to maintain the glucose level in the blood in an appropriate level. While engaged in intense exercise, Lactic acid increases, which makes us tired. This in turn decreases Lactic acid. Moreover, high concentration oxygen water shorts time needed for recovery. Then, after exercising, it mitigates the rigidness of the muscles. These benefits were proven by various researches."
"High concentration oxygen water is spreading like forest fire. The sales network is spreading fast to the entire world after entering the market a few years ago."
"The future of the drinking water which is proven to increase the effect of exercising and the sports medicine field is leaning towards the high concentration oxygen water that translates into tens of billions of dollars every year."
FOX Consumer NEWS
"Track and field runners' reaction towards the high concentration oxygen water was passionate. They said that they feel greater energy and feel less fatigue when they are running, and some runners said that they increase their power."
Model name : MAGIC 4(Oxygen water)
Product Size 430(W)x490(V)x500(H)mm
Water supply type Direct supply type
Weight 20 Kg
Storage tank capacity Hot water 1.3ℓ/cold water storage tank is not used but immediately
Rated power AC220V/50~60Hz
Raw water pressure/temperature 3.0~3.5Kgf/Cm²,4~93℃
Power consumption 410W (Cold water: 110W / Hot water : 300W)
Concentration of Oxygen-enriched Water

Indication type


Button type

Tact switch (Nameplate part), Touch type (Water outgoing part)
(SMPS type)
Purified water Step 1
Oxygen water Step 1

Concentration of Oxygen -enriched Water

80 ~120PPM
(Decreases to 50~60PPM when more than 2 liters flow out)
Generation capacity 2 Liter/Min
Water supply type Automatic solenoid-type control
Operation type Flow meter pulse signal operation type
(more than 16 pulses)
Filter 1st filter SEDI +
Effective amount
of water
6 months(1,500ℓ)

2nd filter

UF 12 months(7,000ℓ)
  When 10ℓ of water is
provided a day
3rd filter Post-carbon 6 months(3,000ℓ)
Ion exchange
resin filter
(Dissolved filter)
12 months(7,000ℓ)
Filter exchange time &
Filer reset function
Exchange the filter when filter exchange icon is turned on (FND).
Press 3 seconds the button of filter at the ready state to reset it
(filter button)
Amount of Filter use As a flow sensor accumulation type, amount of use is displayed
on the FND screen.
Electrolyzer Type Oxygen: MESH
Number of
electrode plates
2 plates
Septum Nafion (DUPONT)
outgoing type
Dedicated water outlet
Warm. Cold
Cold water
(Oxygenated water
or purify water )
4℃~8 ℃ As a direct water compression
refrigerant type, the temperature
increases to 10℃~15 ℃ when
more than 1 liter continues to flow out.
Warm water 85 ℃~93 ℃ As a heating type,
the temperature decreases
to 65 ℃~75 ℃ when more than
1.3 liters continue to flow out.