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[Alkaline Water Ionizer] I occasionally see white sediments in the ionized water. Is it safe to drink?

Alkaline ionized water is rich in minerals.  The white sediments occur due to the precipitation reaction of calcium and minerals among those rich minerals, so it is safe to drink as they are not impurities or scales. This reaction occurs more when the pH is high, the raw water is rich in minerals, and the ionization is activated well.

[Alkaline Water Ionizer] How long is the filter replacement cycle?

The alkaline water ionizer is equipped with a cumulative flow measurement system, so filter usage is measured according to the flow rate that passes through the filter whenever the water ionizer is used. You can use the filter until the indicated filter usage number reaches 0000 or 9999 depending on the product. When it is time to replace the filter, you will be informed of the replacement period as the device will provide voice guidance that says, "Please replace the filter." In addition, it can be used for 6 to 12 months depending on the use of each household.

[Alkaline Water Ionizer] Power suddenly turns off while using the water ionizer for a long time. Is it malfunctioning?

To protect the product, the automatic power-off function activates when the product is used continuously for a long time. In this case, wait for a moment and turn on power again. If the problem persists, please contact the customer service center of the ALLSBON headquarters, and our team will kindly guide or set a time to visit.

[Alkaline Water Ionizer] How much is the electricity consumption and the water consumption (water bill) compared to regular water purifiers?

Unlike water purifiers that run hot and cold water all day long, ALLSBON Alkaline Water Ionizer consumes much less electricity as it operates only when power is turned on.

[Alkaline Water Ionizer] An error is displayed on the product screen. What should I do?

ALLSBON's Alkaline Water Ionizer indicates various error codes on the display screen to inform the cause of the error and send a warning. An error code and a warning message will be displayed when using the device in different ways or conditions. Most of the errors can be fixed with an easy method, but for prompt and convenient use, please contact our customer center, and our team will provide guidance or set a time to visit for fixing errors.

[Alkaline Water Ionizer] What are the things that should be carefully considered when choosing a water ionizer?

1. Certifications from international authorities.

It is important to know whether all processes of certain quality / safety / after-service have been certified by international authorities and whether they are thoroughly managed in Korea and other countries around the world.

2. Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Certification Mark

As a home medical device, it must be a product that has been certified for its quality and safety by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

3. Current Control Method

There are two types of current control methods: the transformer method, and the SMPS method. The transformer method has a high frequency of failure as it uses a lot of power and has a high rate of heat generation. On the other hand, the SMPS method is a digital control method that minimizes the amount of power consumption, which results in the best economic effect and extends the lifespan of the product by lowering the heat generation rate.

4. Electrolyzer

A good Alkaline Water Ionizer is a product that can generate high-purity alkaline ionized water under any adverse conditions. The performance of alkaline ionized water depends on the electrolyzer, and there are differences in price and performance depending on the lifespan of the electrolyzer.

5. Sophisticated Design

A good product that will make you happy is composed of convenient design elements such as modern sense, easy-to-control specifications, sophisticated touch panel, and easy-to-read display screen.

6. Product Safety

ALLSBON Alkaline Water Ionizer Co., Ltd. has received safety-related certifications from UL, CE, CB, and FCC. The safety of the product has been improved with functions such as power-off function in case of electrolyzer current overload & power supply overload and ERROR display in case of leak of an internal solenoid valve. In addition, considering the safety of the user once more, ALLSBON independently developed the ABS PC flexible hose to prevent any electrical phenomenon that can be transmitted to the human body due to the application of stainless steel hose and to minimize the clogging of the hose caused by calcium in the water.

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