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ALLSBON KOREA's Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument has been officially certified as a medical device by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Purpose of Use : A medical device that gives an integrative therapeutic effect by applying alternating voltage to the human body

What is a Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument?
  1. 01 Natural electric field and Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument

    The scale of electric field (the physical field and amount created from the force exerted by electrically charged particles) in the natural world is enormous that it is said that “a year with a lot of thunder produces a good harvest.” There is a difference of about 100 million bolts in electric potential between the ground and the thundercloud, the cloud that produces lightning. In addition, a gas layer of ions called the ionosphere forms a huge electric field between the layer and the ground. Similarly, the electric field that surrounds the earth is called a "natural electric field." However, the blessings of the natural field are diminishing in the modern world environment with high-rise building jungles. "Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument" is the product that replaces the natural electric field with technology.

  2. 02 Electric Field and Vital Reaction

    In the research paper of WHO (World Health Organization), there are two types of vital reactions caused by the low frequency of 60Hz, which is generated by ALLSBON KOREA’s Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument.

    1. 1Stimulation of sensory receptors on the body surface due to the electric field acting on the body surface
    2. 2Actions at the cellular level due to the electric currents induced in the body by electric fields on the body surface
  3. 03 Stimulus Action on Sensory Receptors on the Body Surface

    Skin has numerous sensors called sensory receptors, which collect external physical information such as pressure, vibration, temperature, pain, etc., and transmit it to the brain. For example, when a high-voltage electric field is generated in the legs of an animal, the hair moves by the electric force of the electric field, and the sensory receptors around that area are stimulated to generate an action potential in the nerve. This process is finally transmitted to the brain to recognize the electric field applied to the leg.

Improving Blood Circulation due to Holistic Therapy Purpose and Effects of ALLSBON KOREA Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument

  • Blood Circulation Improvement

    The Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument improves blood circulation to the insulated human body without limiting specific areas by applying the electric field (the physical field exerted by electric force due to electrically charged particles) that uses the difference in electrical potential energy without involving heat.

  • Holistic Therapeutic Effect

    Among the definitions of Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument, the meaning of holistic therapeutic effect means “improving overall blood circulation that is not limited to a specific area.”

  • Electric Field Medical Devices developed by ALLSBON's Technology History of Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument

    In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin discovered that there is a large electrical phenomenon between the surface of Earth and outer space. Afterward, Franklin announced the treatment that uses static electricity caused by the phenomenon above for the first time. Later, this method was applied to a treatment device developed by James Wilshurst, and it began to prove its effect by widely spreading in the treatment of all diseases under "Franklinisation," named after the original inventor. The treatment method involved putting a patient in an insulated state that does not conduct electricity and connecting the body to an electric charge state by making the electric potential generated by the induced electricity come in contact with the body.

  • Electric Field Medical Devices developed by ALLSBON's Technology How it treats Principles of Treatment

    01 Activation and Normalization of Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
  • Electric Field Medical Devices developed by ALLSBON's Technology How it works

    The Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument is a physical therapy device that applied the vital reaction of a medical device that generates an electric field (the physical field exerted by electric force due to electrically charged particles) around the body for treatment. It loads a high-voltage alternating current potential while the body is electrically insulated (there is no stimulation that involves a tingling sense because the current barely flows).

    In fact, when the electric potential generator was used, the results of computer simulation of the electric field distribution on the room and the electric field intensity exerted to the body surface came out as in the figure below. The electric field is invisible like gravity on Earth, but when an electric current is applied by the ALLSBON Electrostatic Potential Therapy Instrument, an electric field is acting on the body as shown in the figure below.

    • Spacial Electric Field Intensity Distribution

    • Body Surface Electric Field Intensity Distribution

  • Electric Field Medical Devices developed by ALLSBON's Technology Anti-aging of Blood

    Blood acidosis and aging of blood vessels can be the cause of blood circulation disorders.

    • Blood Acidosis

    • Aging of Blood

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